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Welcome to Cycle Holidays Ireland, the local bike tour operator in the West of Ireland. Jim and Bob riding past  a 7th Century Monastic Settlement Kilmacduagh.

Our bicycle tour has been developed utilizing our own local knowledge and over ten years experience running guided tours. Living here provides us with unlimited opportunities to improve the tour, giving you a superior experience and better value for money. Our tour is based in the best cycling region of Ireland, the picturesque West coast . We will provide you with the opportunity to learn much about the people, history, traditions, politics, and music that shaped our unique culture. You decide the distance and pace for each day.

Our tour package for 2010 includes

  • Airport & train station transfers, the day before the tour starts and the day after your tour finishes. You don't have to go looking for us, we meet you at the airport / train station on arrival.
  • Trek 4300 Disc, 24 speed bikes which come in seven different frame sizes, so you get the perfect fit.
  • Two support busses allow us to move the entire group if we wish to alter a route avoiding headwind etc.
  • Experienced Irish guides, who will also teach you some Gaelic and show you how to play ancient Gaelic sports
  • Luggage transfer, bring the kitchen sink if you think you need it.
  • Historical interpretation of sites you will visit each day of the tour with sideshow presentation each evening
  • Cell phones, affording you unrivalled independence while enabling contact with the guides at all times.
  • Motorcycle / bicycle support, providing unmatched cyclist / guide contact allowing the group to spread out along route.
  • Four course dinner each evening, with limitless supply of energy bars and water throughout your daily ride.
  • 4 star hotels & guesthouses, most equipped with swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna, helping you to relax after your ride
  • Transfers during the tour, keeping you away from busy roads while you cycle during the day, but getting you into the towns and villages each evening, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds.

Quiet country lanes.We operate a support system which is ever present and highly mobile. One of the support vehicles brings up the rear of the group, while the second guide combs through the route. Even though the group will spread out over several miles, you will still meet the guides several times throughout the daily ride. We provide you with a cell phone, programmed to contact either of the guides with one push of a button. This allows us to pull back a little giving you room to explore. This support system simultaneously facilitates the requirements of novice, intermediate and advanced cyclists. While the level of support provided attracts many first time cycle tour participants and family's, we also provide ample challenge for the strongest cyclists. We offer a seven day and five day itinerary. Our tour explores four specific regions in the picturesque West of Ireland, Connemara, Aran Islands, Burren and Shannon Basin. You will enjoy spectacular scenery, while soaking up the historical background of the regions at your own pace. We specialize in running tours exclusively in the West of Ireland, that's why our knowledge of the region is second to none.

Looking forward to meeting you later this summer,

John Heagney ,Owner Cycle Holidays Ireland.

Contact us for more information


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