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Welcome to Cycle Holidays Ireland, the local bike tour operator on the West coast of Ireland

Every aspect of our bike tour has been meticulously built and perfected over the past 16 years. Our approach will afford you all the support to explore the villages and countryside at your own pace. Our route explores both Connemara National Park and Burren National Park as well as much of the Western coastline including the Aran Islands and the cliffs of Moher.

Irish culture still flourishes in these regions. The ancient native Irish language (Gaelic) is still spoken by locals going about their daily business. We will teach you some Gaelic throughout the tour. Enjoy traditional Irish music sessions in the pubs after cycling through picture postcard countryside. The small villages and towns you will visit during the tour encompass the true Irish spirit. With so many past customers from every corner of the world its more than likely there is someone not too far from you who has been on our tour willing to confirm the quality of the tour.

You will spend each night in coastal fishing villages complete with harbours and old fishing boats. We provide you with the opportunity to learn much about the people, history, traditions, sport, and music that shaped our unique culture. We specialize in the West coast of Ireland and know it in a manner that only locals can. My family / ancestors have lived, farmed and fished this coast since the 1700s. This accumulated knowledge of the landscape, weather, culture, and history will be at your disposal throughout the tour.

This is a family owned and operated tour. The tour has been built on success with many customers returning with family and friends. All of our tours for 2015 are guaranteed to run thanks to the number of customers already signed up. This means we have the wherewithal to provide the best equipment eg. Specialized Sirrus Comp bikes with lightweight E5 alloy frames and carbon forks, very competitive prices and no danger of cancelled dates due to low participation. Just like any owner operated business the tour benefits greatly from the constant presence of the person with ultimate responsibility. Biking in Ireland

Our local knowledge, experience and superior level of support provided sets us apart from other tours. Cell phones are provided to cyclists allowing a high degree of individual independence while remaining safe in the knowledge that support is ever present. This means your not tied to the group during the daily ride. We encourage the group to spread out and do their own thing.

Two support buses and a motorcycle comb the daily route offering transfers over any hilly sections you decide not to cycle. Take as many transfers as you wish tailoring the daily route to your ability. Think of the support busses as ski lifts. Utilizing the transfer system allows us to open up stunning coastal areas that were once the preserve of only the most advanced cyclist. This is the only tour in Ireland supported with two busses and a motorcycle. We provide route maps and more importantly route profiles. We present maps and profiles each evening before dinner. We alert you to historical sites you will encounter at different points along the route. You then take all this information and tailor the following days ride to your own liking.
This is your tour, ridden at your pace, tailored to your ability. We don't run tours anywhere else in the world, we just make a mighty job of this one.

Looking forward to guiding you through my part of Ireland next Summer, John Heagney.

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